Caring for your gums provides the best support for your teeth.

Most people focus more on their teeth than on the surrounding structures but keeping our gums healthy is essential.

Strong, healthy gums can support and protect our teeth. Our periodontics service can address any issues affecting your gums to prevent further damage and tackle your symptoms.

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What is Periodontics?

Periodontics is the branch of dental care that specialises in looking after your gums. Gum problems can increase the chances of tooth decay and may even lead to tooth loss if they are not treated. Periodontal specialist treatment can ensure that your gums are as healthy as possible.

What to Expect from Periodontal Treatment

The focus of periodontics is on your gums, but the process will still be very similar to your usual dental appointments. We will usually begin by checking for signs of gum infections, receding gums, loose teeth or other problems. We’ll use a small probe to explore the periodontal pockets around your teeth. Once your gums have been thoroughly assessed, we’ll tell you what we found and explain your treatment options.

Gum disease often occurs when plaque builds up below the gum line, so the first priority of periodontics is to clean these deposits away. Oral hygiene treatments can help us to protect your teeth and gums. We’ll also ensure that you know how to take care of your gums.

If there are any signs of gum disease or other issues, we’ll explain the treatment options. The treatment could be as simple as using a mouthwash to eliminate the infection, but in some cases surgery may be required to prevent further damage.

Our Approach to Periodontics

We take the same approach to caring for your gums as we do to looking after your teeth. Our priority is to prevent any damage to these essential structures. We’ll help you to look after your gums and offer preventive services where we can. If there are any issues, then we’ll find the least invasive option for treating them.

The main goal of our periodontics service is to prevent gum disease. When this is not possible, then the gum disease needs to be diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. If you don’t get the right treatment then it could put you at risk of serious problems such as bone degradation and tooth loss.

Periodontics Services

Our periodontics service can help with:

  • Cleaning under the gum line to prevent gum disease and tooth decay
  • Medicated mouthwashes for mild gum disease such as gingivitis
  • Identifying and managing receding gums
  • Treatment of advanced periodontal disease affecting the bone
  • Periodontal surgery to remove diseased tissue or repair damaged bone
  • Prevention of tooth loss

The treatment you need will depend on the extent of the gum disease and how much damage has been done. We’ll do the utmost to protect your teeth and gums.

If you’re worried about your gums or you need periodontal specialist treatment, make an appointment to get advice from an expert.

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