What will happen at my first visit to the dentist?

You’ll need to fill in some paperwork so that we have all your essential information. We’ll perform a thorough examination to check your gums and teeth. You can choose to have additional tests and an in-depth risk assessment if you want. We will also discuss your health, lifestyle and how you care for your teeth. We’ll tell you what we find and recommend any preventive dental care or treatments that you need.

What symptoms should I tell my dentist about?

You should mention any concerns you have about the health or appearance of your teeth and gums. Symptoms that require attention include toothache, sensitive teeth, redness, bleeding gums, jaw pain, sores in your mouth, chipped or broken teeth, and bad breath or a bad taste.

Why do I need a dental check if my teeth seem fine?

Regular check-ups are an essential part of your dental care. Many problems such as cavities and gum disease can develop slowly, without causing noticeable symptoms. However, if you don’t get treatment the problem can get much worse. We recommend regular check-ups so that we can identify problems early and provide preventive dental care to protect your teeth and gums.

Why do you focus on preventive dental care?

We believe that it is better to prevent problems than to treat them later. We want your teeth and gums to stay as healthy as possible. We’re happy if you need as little treatment as possible. Taking a prevention centric approach means that you’ll experience fewer dental health problems and need less intervention in the future.

What is a dental plan?

We offer several dental plans that are a cost-effective way to pay for our dental care. Each plan provides a different level of cover including check-ups, preventive dental care and treatments. You may want to join one to get affordable and convenient dental care.

How can you help if I feel nervous?

Let us know if you’re feeling anxious about any aspect of your dental care. We’ll do everything we can to make you feel comfortable. We can answer your questions, help you to relax, or give you a sedative if necessary. You’re in control, so you can ask to pause the treatment if you need to.

Can I have a sedative during dental treatment?

We can perform dental treatments under conscious sedation if you’re feeling anxious or the treatment will take a long time. You’ll be awake during sedation dentistry, but you’ll feel relaxed and be less aware of what’s happening.

How can I fix my smile?

Many people are unhappy with some aspect of their teeth. If you’re self-conscious about staining, chipped or crooked teeth then you might want to consider cosmetic dentistry. We can perform treatments such as teeth whitening, dental repairs and replacements, and orthodontic treatment to give you a smile that you’re happy to share with the world. However, we won’t pressure you to do more than you want.

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